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Our History



The National Company for International Exhibitions and Conferences aims to become the most advanced and integrated venue in Egypt and seeks to become the largest commercial and cultural center in Egypt, incubator for the community of intellectuals and artists, as well as organizers of exhibitions, conferences and various events. And it also aspires to create and maintain a rich and multiculturalyear-round calendar of local and international events. The company is the owner of the project of Egypt International Exhibitions Center and Al Manara International Conferences Center, including their halls, show rooms, open spaces, shops and administrative offices, and the responsibility of their management and operations.

Our Mission

Investing in Egypt in this point in time would be a smart choice due its newly launched investment reforms and the highly friendly investment atmosphere, Egypt is now more ready than ever for prosperity. The investment opportunities are huge as Egypt’s hug market and its young highly trained workforce are ready for multinational corporations and foreign investors.

Our Vission

New Investment opportunities, offering millions of jobs and ensuring sustainable development, growth and continuous prosperity. The dream of economic development and substantial growth is finally becoming a reality, after a year of hard work and the implementation of the economic reform program, Egypt is the on the right track to becoming a regional economic powerhouse.